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 our online travel information website of Ecuador and the Galapagos islands



Lodging     This section is intended for more independent minded people who look for alternative accommodation in Ecuador. Here you find a selection of hotels, guesthouses, apartments and vacation farms which offer their premises for a pleasant and safe stay in the country.
Tours     Search for personalized tours, customized to your interests and wishes. Active people encounter tour programs like climbing, trekking and other adventure expeditions. For others there are culture and nature trips and complete travel packages exploring the whole country in the extensive trip catalogue.
Amazon     Interested in the vast rainforest region to the east of the country boasting the highest biodiversity in the world? Then click on and find a selection of jungle lodges operating there and offering visitors a glimpse of the varied fauna and flora. For the more adventurous travelers there are guided nature trips deep into the virgin heart of the Amazon.
Andes     This high mountain region represents the back bone of the country. In the higher paramo regions you find active volcanoes and crater lakes. In the fertile valleys live half of the country's population with Quito, being its center and capital of Ecuador. Cuenca is another important colonial town attracting many visitors.
Pacific      comprises the coast with long and deserted beaches, mangroves and the coastal lowlands. It is also the country's agricultural center with large plantations, especially bananas, dominating the inland plains. The center of this region is Guayaquil, the largest city and commercial hub of Ecuador.
Galapagos     Enter here and look up useful information about those volcanic islands lying some 1000 km straight west of mainland Ecuador. They are world wide known for their many endemic animals and plants. For people planning a nature cruise, you find a catalogue of some 50 cruise ships with their pictures, characteristics, itineraries and prices.
Culture    Ecuador's culture is very diverse and reaches far back into human history with the first cultures emerging on the coast some 6000 years ago. Today's society is a vibrant mixture of those first indigenous people and later European influences following the Spanish conquest with some African values thrown in as well.
Biodiversity     The country boasts of a very diverse fauna & flora occupying some very distinct ecological regions. Here you find information and pictures of the many animals and plants which make Ecuador and the Galapagos islands such an unique and wonderful nature experience.
Travel    Information    Here we deal with subjects concerning the country in general with similar topics you may find in any travel guide book. Find some important facts about exhibitions, money matters, health concerns, personal safety and other issues which are of great interest to you.


DIVING CRUISE to Darwin & Wolf


November 15 - 22, 2016

8 days at $ 3700.-

Atillo Cuicocha Ilinizas Pañacocha Reptiles Yasuni
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Phones  09 301 6211 (inside Ecuador)
00 593 9 301 6211 (outside Ecuador)



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